Cruising and sailing yacht

If you want to feel like a ROCK STAR upon your stay at Dubai, don’t stop yourself and do everything you can to make yourself feel like one. The greatest option for you to achieve this is when you hop on and ride a luxury yacht cruise and enjoy the scenic beauty this city could offer. The cruise will take you to the blue water of Arabian Gulf surrounding the famous Palm Island, luxurious Atlantis Hotel, Burj al Arab Hotel, 5-star Madinat Jumeirah, the Jumeirah Beach Residence and other luxury hotels around the coastline of Jumeirah.

With Uni Adventure’s Luxury Yacht Cruise package, you will get the chance to explore the 8th wonder of the world- Palm Island, Marina Dubai and Burj Al Arab just like a real ROCK STAR.

Best Seasons:Sep till Jul
Popular Location:Dubai

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